Year One, AR (After Rehab)

One family starting over after Dad gets out of rehab.

Day Four

on February 19, 2013

Not a good day. It started out fine. Josh was taking his dad to a doctor’s appointment this morning, so we had no expectations of him. He’d told Stevie he was going to pick him up from school today, so I was hoping to see him by that time, but he didn’t come. That was disappointing, but I understood. He hadn’t been 100% sure he’d make it here between the doctor and picking our friend Gabriela up from the airport. My only problem was that he shouldn’t have gotten Stevie’s hopes up. We had serious issues with that before, and Stevie needs the stability of being able to count on his dad.

Anyway, the day was quiet, which was fine by me, until I was walking in the door after Stevie’s karate lesson and my phone rang. It was Gabriela. Josh never showed up at the airport and she was pretty upset. Now, under normal circumstances this would have sucked, but obviously circumstances are not normal right now.

One of the big things that pushed Josh into getting help this time was Gabriela essentially “breaking up” with him. She was just sick of his BS. She had come into town and he avoided seeing her and didn’t show up at a party she and her husband threw. He claimed that he got lost on the way and just went home. So, giving him the chance to pick her up from the airport, to show that things are different now, is a big deal. I thought it would be good for him to see that his going through treatment was yielding results in the form of her opening the door to friendship again.

So, he blew that. I am pretty certain Gabriela won’t give him another chance. And now I am terribly worried. I’m upset that he would do that to her. He says that he went to our old house (which we officially moved out of while he was in treatment) and fell asleep in his car. First of all, WTF? That isn’t our house anymore, you can’t just go and park there and hang out anymore. And second, how on earth do you just randomly fall asleep in your car? Set an alarm for yourself or something when you know you have something that important to do. Someone is counting on you!

Gabriela is here for her brother’s FUNERAL, for goodness’ sake. She doesn’t need to be sitting around the airport waiting for someone who is never going to show up! By the time she called me to see if I knew where Josh was, she’d already called on someone else to come and get her, but still.

We will see what happens. I am feeling extremely stressed out right now and am trying to relax myself. Deep breaths. I really need to learn how to meditate! Hopefully tomorrow will bring some peace and quiet (in the midst of my always jam-packed Wednesday). I desperately need it!


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